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How has the Australian property landscape changed?
The results of the 2016 Census reveal that home ownership in Australia has changed in the last five years. While certain trends have remained steady, the way we are living is definitely shifting.So, what exactly has the Census data revealed? 

Home ownership in...
Mon July 31, 2017
Market News
4 tips for sticking to a renovation budget
There are countless reasons to renovate a property. Maybe you want to alter the decor or layout of your home to better suit your needs, or perhaps spending a bit will allow you to demand a higher price when you decide to sell the property. Regardless of the reason, it's...
Mon July 31, 2017
Selling | Lifestyle
Obligations for renters and landlords when ending a tenancy
Eventually, all good things must come to an end, and that includes tenancies. While having a great, stable relationship between a renter and a landlord is ideal for everybody involved, there will always be situations where one party needs to move on. For renters, this could...
Wed July 26, 2017
Investors | Developers
2 huge infrastructure projects that will reshape Sydney
The purse strings have officially been loosened! With the recent announcements of both the Federal and NSW Budgets for 2017-18, it's clear that infrastructure is a big priority, and we can expect to see work beginning on the latest round of projects over the coming years...
Thu July 06, 2017
Market News | Lifestyle
The hype around open plan bathroom bedrooms
When you're in the market for new property, it's easy to see the same old design trends at every Sydney open home. While there is nothing wrong with the classics, bold, new trends pose something a little bit different which can capture your imagination.In recent times...
Thu July 06, 2017
Two big winners from the 2017-18 NSW Budget
Early June saw the release of the NSW Budget for 2017-18, and while much of it was roughly as we expected, there were still a few surprising inclusions that could have significant impacts on the Sydney property market. Overall, the budget promises positive change throughout...
Thu June 29, 2017
Market News
Creating storage where there is none
How important is storage to home buyers? Pretty important, we'd say!A report released by the National Association of Home Builders found that 92 per cent of buyers were looking for a laundry room while another 81 per cent were after garage space. Decoded, these two...
Thu June 22, 2017
The best colours to use in a child's room
How do you decide what paint to use in your home? Perhaps you're after a palette of your favourite colours, or maybe you refresh as the new Pantone colours come out. Taste and preferences aside, have you ever considered picking your paint based on the way it makes...
Wed June 21, 2017
How to sell your home during the Australian winter
It's that time of year - the dreary, cold months that are Australia's winter. Have you ever been told that you should stick to selling your home in the spring or summer because it will sell faster? While sales numbers might be a bit better when the sun is...
Tue June 06, 2017
How can technology change the way we view houses?
Have you ever tried out a pair of virtual reality (VR) goggles before? They can be pretty crazy - some of the environments really do feel lifelike!VR, however, isn't just for fun and games. It is working its way into tonnes of different industries as well. Surgeons...
Sun June 04, 2017
Market News
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