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At Laing+Simmons innovation is a priority. We’re constantly on the lookout for new ideas, technologies, systems, tools and procedures to improve the way we do things.

Innovation differentiates us. It ensures our people have the best platform to succeed. It also helps us better service our customers and achieve better results.

It takes a genuine investment: in time, energy and money. But it’s necessary to attract the best people to the Laing+Simmons family.



Engaging with our franchisees and their teams is the first and most important part of the process.

We listen to what they need and seek to fill the gap. We learn what works, what doesn’t, and where they need additional support. By understanding how our team members work, we can innovate in the specific areas that we know will generate positive impacts.

After all, our agents know best what their customers need. Supporting our agents means better results for Laing+Simmons customers. Ultimately, our success is gauged by the results we generate.

Franchisees are skilled business people. They don’t need new ways to perform the same tasks. They need effective tools to drive efficiencies and empower them to focus on what they do best: serving their customers.



We value people and treat everyone like family. Our team members, our customers.

For Laing+Simmons, it’s never been about having the most offices and growth for growth’s sake. Instead, we want to attract the best operators in the business who are a good fit with our culture.

We’ve found that by differentiating our offer through a commitment to innovation, we can grow our network through a quality, not quantity, approach.

This means Laing+Simmons customers work with the best agents at the local level who are supported by the market’s leading innovative tools. The best tools drive the best results for our customers.

It’s a commitment that comes from the top down. Our parent company, Dexar Group, is a big supporter of our determination to do things differently – and better - through innovation.



Here are some recent innovations we’ve pioneered. It’s a list we’ll continue to build.

An App for all

The interactive Laing+Simmons App is a full suite of training, brand and support tools for agents to be more productive and provide better customer solutions of a consistent high quality. It’s a source of live, up to date, instantly accessible information and resources in their pocket.

“I like the App because it's a one-stop shop: Employment agreements through to marketing; training through to policies and procedures. It's a real time saver. The first place to look for something is the App - invariably what you are looking for will be there.”

Michael Minogue, Principal, Laing+Simmons Woollahra


Employee Assistance Program

The first program of its kind in the industry, Laing+Simmons provides free and confidential access to counselling services to any member of the Laing+Simmons family experiencing stress, suffering depression, struggling with anxiety or facing other challenges in their work or personal lives.

The implementation of the program was the direct result of engaging with Laing+Simmons franchisees seeking to ensure the wellbeing and support of their teams.


Web Book: a wealth of uses

The Web Book is a branded interactive document that provides an all-encompassing template to be tailored for a multitude of uses. It can be the basis for a full range of presentations. It’s a pre-listing kit. Use it to on-board new staff, for business development documents, the applications are limitless.

A Web Book link can be emailed to overseas landlords or vendors. It’s easily printed in PDF. Tenants can receive instantaneous updates of any change in emergency contact details. They make life easier for agents and customers alike. The Laing+Simmons St George team uses them every day:

“Every enquiry we get, for every property we have listed, is immediately emailed a Web Book. It provides the customer with everything they need to know at the click of a button, set out in a consistent, logical and easy-to-navigate way.

“We also use it extensively as a pre-listing tool. The feedback we get is really positive and from a business perspective, it saves us a lot of time, enhances the awareness of our brand and leaves a professional impression.”


Virtual reality: actual difference

‚ÄčLaing+Simmons pioneered new virtual reality technology that has changed the way off-the-plan apartments are marketed. The response from customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

We recognised the need – and opportunity – to provide a more immersive experience than a brochure or standard video. Our VR technology provides a seamless, tangible, completely immersive experience that lets buyers walk through and discover the sights, sounds and perspectives of an off-the-plan property, before construction even begins.

The Laing+Simmons Projects view: “Display apartments play a role but there are natural limitations. There’s no way of experiencing actual views, quantifying the actual sights and sounds of the apartment relative to its place in the development. Our virtual reality technology fills this gap, meaning buyers can actually experience the apartment from anywhere in the world, simply by downloading the free App.”



Our investment in innovation is not about winning awards, but it’s pleasing to be recognised at an industry level for giving our people the best platform to succeed.

Winner: 2016 AREA Game Changer of the Year Award

Winner: 2016 REB Innovator of the Year Award

Winner: 2015 REINSW Awards for Excellence - Innovation

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